Velvet Curtains

Add a touch of luxury to your home with velvet curtains. These rich and textured curtains are perfect for creating an opulent space.

Our velvet fabrics are available in an array of rich colours, so you can easily find a shade that coordinates with your decor. The rich finish of velvet makes them the perfect choice if you’re looking for something bold and dramatic.

You can also add a range of additional features to your curtains. The ripple effect of eyelets and wave headings are perfect choices for velvet or try a pinch pleat heading for even more sumptuous and luxurious velvet curtains.

Will Velvet Curtains Work With My Current Interior Design Style?

Velvet oozes opulence, but that doesn’t mean it’s suited to just one interior design style. Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, velvet curtains can work with your space.

As all of our curtains are designed and overseen by professional interior designers, you can be confident that your window treatments will elevate your home and add the perfect finishing touch to your space.

Colour plays a huge role when deciding which velvet fabric to choose. Deep tones can look more formal, whilst vibrant or pastel shades give velvet curtains a more modern aesthetic. Explore our range of shades to find what suits each room in your home best.

What Room in My Home is Best for Velvet Curtains?

The classic and timeless style of velvet curtains means they work well in almost any room. For period properties and older homes, velvet curtains also work well to maintain heat and create a cosy environment. 

Living Room Velvet Curtains 

The living room is the perfect area to make a statement with luxurious velvet curtains. They bring a touch of class and sophistication to any front room. Their style will wow you for years to come.

Bedroom Velvet Curtains

Want to make your bedroom an elegant and glamourous space? Velvet fabric is a great choice. Not only do they add to the character of bedrooms, but velvet is also a thick material better suited to blocking out light and sound and retaining heat — perfect for ensuring a good night’s sleep.

Velvet Curtains Made With You in Mind

The exact look you want to achieve can only be found when you opt for beautiful, bespoke curtains. You can find many velvet curtains off the shelf, but it’s rare to find a pair ready-made that will suit your home perfectly.

Our design team has provided an assortment of curtain options, from headings to colours to length. If you can’t find the right pair off the shelf, create your own with Thread & Dandy.

Whether you’re looking for vibrant velvet textured curtains with eyelets, or pinch pleat in a luxurious green, let us know your precise specifications and our team will create your ideal pair of velvet fabric curtains.



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