How-to-Measure – Inside Recess Wooden Blinds

How to measure Venetian wooden blinds that fit snugly within the window recess.

Tip! Use a metal tape measure for more accurate measurements

  1. Measure in 3 places across the recess width – use the smallest measurement.
  2. Measure in 3 places across the recess drop – use the smallest measurement.

measure for wooden blinds

Check the recess depth along with any obstructions such as handles – you must have a depth of at least 10cm for the blind to sit comfortably within the recess.

If there are tiles around the window recess, take the measurements between the tiles – this is where your blind will sit.

When placing your order, select Recess Size, and we will make all the deductions for you or select Exact Size, and the blind will be made using these exact dimensions.

If you have any special requests or need any further assistance, please do give us a call on 0121 389997.

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