Measuring Inside Recess Roman Blinds

How to measure for Roman blinds within a window recess.

  1. Measure in 3 places across the recess width – use the smallest measurement. Take 1cm off the width for clearance on either side.
  2. Measure in 3 places across the recess drop – use the smallest measurement and choose where you want the blind to sit.

Check the recess depth along with any obstructions such as handles – you must have a depth of at least 10cm for the blind to sit comfortably within the recess.

If there are tiles around the window recess, take the measurements between the tiles – this is where your blind will sit.

measure for wooden blinds

If you have any special requests or need any further assistance, please do give us a call on 0121 3899977.

For guides on how to measure outside recess Roman blinds click here.

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