Botanical Curtains

Looking for a way to introduce more nature to your home without the commitment of regular watering? Botanical curtains are a great option. Bring the outdoors in with beautifully made curtains in lush leaf and flower motifs

Botanical-print fabrics have been popular for centuries, and their popularity shows no signs of waning. Our botanical fabrics include vintage-inspired Morris & Co. prints and striking Harlequin designs.

With Thread & Dandy’s bespoke options, you’re sure to create the perfect pair of botanical print curtains.

What Room in My House is Best for Botanical Curtains?

Botanical curtains can work in any room. Living rooms and bedrooms are great choices for botanical curtains and anywhere you want to bring a touch of nature inside.

Bedroom Botanical Curtains

The colour green invokes a sense of calm and serenity which is why it’s often considered the best colour to paint a bedroom. The tranquil beauty of botanical curtains filled with lush green foliage can help create a relaxing and peaceful sleep space.

Dining Room Botanical Curtains

Botanical prints are the perfect backdrop for the dining room. Distinctive florals and dramatic foliage are sure to wow dinner party guests and make a statement.

Living Room Botanical Curtains

Botanical curtains can help make the most of large windows and high ceilings. The natural beauty of botanical-print curtains is a great way to enhance your living room’s decor.

Botanical Curtains Made With You in Mind

Your home is a unique space, so why settle for off-the-shelf botanical curtains? We craft bespoke curtains designed to suit your specific tastes. Everything from the colour to the materials used is chosen by you, meaning you can achieve the perfect look with your window treatments.

Years of experience in residential interior design give our designers the insight they need to provide you with the best options.



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