What is Window Dressing? We Give Our Top Tips

Windows are crucial to the look and feel of a room so it’s worth having a serious think about how you want to dress them. The choices are endless with different patterns, lengths, fabrics and colours to choose from. With so many options, knowing where to start can be a little daunting, so we have used our extensive knowledge to summarise our seven Golden Rules to dressing your windows.

  1. Accurate Measuring

A ruler and ‘rough estimates’ will not cut it for window dressing, as your measurements have to be precise. For a risk-free option, you can use our online guides. Developed by our experts, it guarantees accuracy and is simple to use. Take a look here.

  1. Feature Window

Why not make your window the star of the show? Styling a statement or feature window is actually quite easy as long as you are not afraid of a little creativity. Bold colours and vibrant patterns are perfect for drawing all eyes to your window, but make sure they are cohesive with the interior of the wider room to ensure a completed look. Another top tip is to widen the window area by mounting your curtain rod to the ceiling and adding extra material onto either side.

  1. Making Big with Small

It is easy to ignore the windows that are on the smaller side but size doesn’t matter here.  There are innovative styling options which work perfectly for them, and the key is to optimise the light by using a long solid curtain rod, mounted to the ceiling, to give the illusion of spaciousness. This will also ensure that during the day, the curtains can be pulled completely back to not interfere with the light coming in.  Roman or Roller blinds always work well with really compact windows too.

  1. Finding the Ideal Length

The length of your curtain or blind will be pivotal to the overall impression of your window. Whether this is sill length, floor length or something in between, rest assured that there is an optimum style for your window which will be incredibly impactful on your room. A current trend is called the ‘London length’ which is the term used for curtains that are longer than needed so a puddle of material drapes on the floor giving an elegant, luxurious feel.

  1. Pattern or Plain

The choice of simplistic or vibrant is dependable on your personality and preferences, the room’s overall theme and the look of the other furnishings in the space. Both plain and patterned fabrics can be very effective. To add interest to plain curtains, a contrast band makes an impact. In a small room you may want to be more considerate with the pattern choice as certain shapes or styles can minimise the space rather than maximise it.

  1. Blackout in Bedrooms

For a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep, blackout lining is a must! Some worry that this will make the room feel dark or gloomy, but there are ways to avoid this. Ensure your curtains or blinds can be pulled all the way back during the day to reveal the whole window and opt for lighter furnishings throughout the room. Give yourself the best of both by placing blinds or shutters behind your curtains – this trending duo is not only effective in appearance but helps with privacy when the curtains are open.

  1. Dressing Dark Rooms

Rule 7 is for those rooms which are naturally dark but in fact need to be brightened. Roman blinds instead of heavy curtains are a great way to do this but make sure they are fitted high above the window to allow maximise light to flood in. Alternatively, choose light coloured cotton or linen or opt for sheer blinds which all offer privacy and comfort without the risk of blocking out light.

It is all about using window dressing to keep the light flooding into the rooms that need to be bright whilst keeping the light out of rooms that need to be dark. Luckily, there are curtains and blinds for every window and room so you can dress yours exactly the way you want.

At Thread and Dandy, we pride ourselves on our high-quality, bespoke curtains and blinds which will make you proud of your window space.


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