What are Wave Curtains?

Searching for the right pair of curtains can be a struggle. You may even come across some unfamiliar terms, particularly when choosing heading types, which makes the process even harder. If you’ve been looking at curtain fabrics but now choosing heading styles has got you stuck, we’re here to help.

In this blog, we answer the question “what are wave curtains” exploring whether wave-headed curtains are a good choice for you and your home.

What are Wave Curtains?

Wave is a term used to describe a type of curtain heading. A special flat tape is sewn into the heading, which allows you to manipulate the length of the curtains into an ‘S’ shape and creates a stunning ripple when fitted to a track. Many people choose to hang modern wave curtains because they provide a room with a more contemporary and sleeker look. Wave curtains also let in lots of light when open as the gathers stack into neat folds.

Why Choose Wave Curtains?

Benefits of Wave Curtains

  • Visual Appeal: Wave curtains have a very distinctive look but work well in lots of different spaces. From bedrooms and living rooms to kitchens, dining rooms, and playrooms. The style of a wave curtain is also highly versatile, which means it works with lots of different interior styles.
  • Modern Style: If you have a contemporary or minimalist home, wave curtains are a perfect choice due to their clean lines and sleek look.
  • Easy to Use: Hooks and sliders make it easy to open and close your curtains. You’re always guaranteed a smooth, gliding action.

What Interior Styles Work With Wave Curtains?


Their modern and sleek look makes waves the obvious choice for minimalist interiors. Clean lines and ripple shape add subtle interest when paired with neutral fabrics.


High ceilings in industrial homes are the perfect backdrop for impressive waves. For an even more striking look, a double-layered treatment of curtains over sheers looks incredible. Contact us via email hello@threadanddandy.co.uk if you would like to order sheer voiles as we don’t yet offer them through the website.

Art Deco

Wave curtains are an excellent choice for a vibrant and opulent Art Deco-inspired home. Rich jewel tones in velvet or angular-shaped patterns work particularly well. A double-layered treatment of a deep coloured curtain and white sheer voile adds a luxurious element and even more drama to the style.

Wave curtains don’t just look stunning in these interiors; they also work well in Scandi style, Contemporary, and Traditional homes.

What Type of Fabric Works With Wave Curtains?

Both patterned and plain fabrics work well with wave curtains, so it really comes down to personal preference. Plain fabrics are an excellent choice for a sleek and unfussy look if you want the waves to visual impact from shape rather than design. When choosing patterns, as wave curtains have a more modern look, geometric designs and organic or abstract shapes work better than floral or more traditional prints.

Sheer voile curtains look incredible in all types of interiors as they provide softness to a room and let it an abundance of light, helping you feel connected to the outside whilst maintaining a level of privacy. Sheers can work on their own or as a double-layered treatment with curtains or over the top of shutters or horizontal blinds. Contact us via email hello@threadanddandy.co.uk if you would like to order sheer voiles as we don’t yet offer them through the website.

How to Hang Wave Curtains

For a dramatic wave and cleaner look, the best way to hang wave curtains is on a top fix track. Hanging curtains like this makes your ceilings appear higher and is a more sophisticated aesthetic.

To make the wave effect, there are little pockets on the back of the wave heading for you to place your curtain hooks in — count the distance between each pocket and thread your hook through to create beautiful and even spaced waves.

How to Fit a Wave Curtain Track

We always recommend using a top fix track for wave curtains. A top fix track is when the track is attached to the ceiling. The reason why we suggest a top fix is because it because it gives a lovely effect of floor to ceiling curtains. 

You can also use a face-fix track (one attached to the wall) but ensure you select specific face-fix brackets due to the depth of the wave shape of the curtains.

Where to Buy Wave Headed Curtains

Bespoke or made-to-measure is the way to go to find the perfect pair of wave curtains and ensure they look and hang their best. Ready-made curtains only come in a small selection of widths and lengths, meaning they might end up too long, too short, or too narrow.

No matter the pattern, colour or length you’re looking for, you’ll discover a fantastic range of options with Thread & Dandy. Our experienced interior designers always select new trends and timeless fabrics for our collections, so you can be confident that your new wave curtains will be a huge focal point of your window spaces for years to come.


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