Living Room Window Treatments to Make Your House More Homely

Living room window treatments can be used to complement existing interiors, giving the space a more complete and stylised look. They form an important backdrop to the setting, and the right made-to-measure curtains and blinds create a homely ambience that the whole family can enjoy. We share our expertise on how to ensure that feeling lasts for years to come.

A Sense of Style

Style plays a significant role when it comes to finding the ideal living room window treatments. Curtains and blinds are interior furnishings in the same way wallpaper and carpets are, and they work best when their colours and designs match the existing look of the front room.

When choosing window covers, it helps to remember the overall look you’re aiming for. As examples, pinch pleat curtains in muted colours work very well in traditional homes, whereas modern-style living rooms benefit more from wave curtains in a bolder shade. Install tailored Roman blinds and a designer pole to complete the contemporary look.

The Importance of Light Control

During the day, it’s important to let natural light flow through the living room. The sun brings out the best in your interiors, helping colours to pop and making a room feel much brighter. But natural light can be an issue if it prevents the space from being used to its full potential.

Our range of designer blinds are perfect for light control. Venetian, vertical and woodslat blinds keep the sun from your eyes while you’re playing with the children first thing in the morning to when you’re relaxing on the sofa in the afternoon.

Living room window treatments are designed to create a more inviting space. By controlling how much light flows through the living room, it becomes a place that can be enjoyed by you and your family all day long.

A Warm & Cosy Room

When the sun sets, a warm and cosy living room is essential for establishing a homely ambience. Up to 18% of a home’s heat is lost through the windows, but living room window treatments are perfect for stopping the heat from escaping.

Thick materials and interlinings for curtains can save up to 17% on heat loss. For a more cost-effective solution, blinds made from heavy fabrics can reduce heat loss by 14%.

A cosy atmosphere is key to bringing the family together in the living room during the evening, and keeping the heat in should be a top priority. Check out our made-to-measure curtain and blind options to create the set that suits your existing interiors best.

Living Room Window Treatments from Thread & Dandy

Every aspect of the living room should work towards creating an inviting and enjoyable environment for all the family. This is why Thread & Dandy provides an array of options for living room window treatments.

Choose the ideal curtain heading, the perfect pattern to match your current interior design style and any finishes you like to make your curtains and blinds more practical.

With window treatments crafted to your exact tastes, making the living room feel more homely has never been easier.


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