A Coastal Inspired Baby Boy’s Nursery in Brighton

We partnered with Amy @featheringournest to add the finishing touch to her baby boy’s nursery.

Amy has chosen a classic stripe in Clarke & Clarke Edison Denim for her made-to-measure nursery curtains and opted for a double pinch pleat heading fitted on a track.

Congratulations on your upcoming arrival! Did you have a vision for what you wanted the nursery to look like?

I wasn’t really sure which direction I wanted to take the nursery in. The space used to be our old master bedroom, so it’s a really lovely size and will be used as both a playroom and bedroom. A lot of people choose beige for a nursery, but as the rest of our house is very neutral it’s fun to inject more colour into the children’s bedrooms. One thing I knew was that I wanted it to be a room that would grow with him and go from a nursery to a little boy’s room and beyond. In the end we chose a gorgeous shade of blue which will last and look really grown up as he gets older.

Where do you usually find your inspiration?

I tend to find Instagram and Pinterest as places of inspiration. I don’t really start with an overall room or image that I like; the design evolves as I find pieces that inspire me like the baton panelling on the wall. I’ll take ideas that I see how they might work for the space. For the nursery, we started with the paint colour and inspiration took hold after finding the perfect striped curtain fabric. We live in Brighton and the rest of our home has a subtle coastal feel, so it just made sense to bring this influence through to the nursery.

Have you got any tips for designing a nursery?

My biggest tip is don’t do anything you’ll have to change in a few years. Making the overall design of the room timeless means you can switch up the accessories and revitalise the space with a few new touches.

How did you go about choosing window treatments?

We really struggled with the windows in this room as they’re such an awkward shape. We already had shutters up but because the room is so big, it needed fabric to soften it. This idea of the room evolving over time was important for the curtains as well, I chose a classic stripe that would stand the test of time and still look great when my son is a teenager. When it comes to curtains, you want to make sure that they are versatile enough that they won’t need changing in a few years as they are such a big investment.

Have you ordered made-to-measure curtains before?

For some of the other windows in the house we have purchased curtains off-the-shelf but for this space, our only option was to choose made-to-measure nursery curtains. For unusual windows, made-to- measure curtains are so worth it. They look incredible and the curtains completely change the entire feel of the room. We love that we now have layered window treatments, it gives us a lot of flexibility in how much light we want to let into the room.

The Thread & Dandy team didn’t put a stop on the curtains which means we can easily move them along the track and choose which shutters we want to open. It’s these little touches that make made-to-measure curtains so worth it and sets them apart from ready-made options. You get exactly what you want and can tell they have been made by experts. The way the pattern has been matched to the pleat gives this stunning decorative detail that your eyes are immediately drawn to.

From the fit, to the pattern matching, it’s obvious these curtains have been made perfectly for this room. They ooze quality and look expensive. Eyelet curtains you can get anywhere, but these double pinch pleat curtains are one of a kind. I’ve received so many compliments on them, they’ve transformed the room and made it feel like a properly finished room that’s been really considered and thought about.

What is next on your list of projects?

We know we want made-to-measure curtains in our master bedroom. At the moment we only have shutters which can feel quite cold on their own, now we have added curtains to the nursery, next on the list will be our bedroom!


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