What are the Benefits of Window Treatments?

Your home plays a very important role. It’s a place to relax and be yourself, a backdrop for creating memories with your family and somewhere to retreat to after a hard day.

Every part of your home should reflect the life you want to live, including the interior finishings. We Brits can spend hours looking at wallpaper samples and paint testers before decorating, but it’s also important to put the same level of thought into our curtains and blinds.

There are plenty of benefits to made-to-measure window treatments, which we list down below.

Transform the Look of Your Home

Walls, carpets and furniture are all key features to a home, and a great deal of time can go into choosing the ideal interior finishings. Window dressings should be given the same care and attention, as they form an important part of the backdrop to each room.

Modern wave curtains with striking tones and patterns add an extra layer of style to lounges and bedrooms, while Roman blinds in vibrant shades can make a child’s playroom more colourful while providing protection from the sun.

When thinking about the benefits of window treatments, the fact you can transform the look of your home to match your tastes is a key driver. Whether you’re looking for something contemporary, traditional or innovative, you’re sure to find a design and style that suits you.

Keep Your Home Warm & Toasty

Window treatments aren’t just an interior statement; they have many practical uses too such as improving energy efficiency.

Around 18% of a home’s heat is lost through windows. And the more heat you lose, the more money you have to spend warming the house back up again.

Energy efficient windows are costly, so they’re not everyone’s first choice. But made-to-measure curtains and blinds provide a great cost-effective alternative.

According to research carried out by the University of Salford, drawing the curtains at nightfall can reduce heat loss by up to 17%, and closing the blinds can reduce heat loss by as much as 14%.

Bespoke blinds and curtains can be crafted to prevent as much heat loss as possible, as there are a variety of different fabrics we can use. Make sure to get in touch with us if keeping your home warm and toasty is something you want us to help with.

Add a Layer of Security

One of the main benefits of window treatments, curtains and blinds offer a sense of safety and security, keeping your home life private.

Curtains and blinds make it hard — if not impossible — for someone to look through your windows. When you and your family are asleep or out of the house, you can be confident knowing that your valuables are hidden from prying eyes.

The Benefits of Window Treatments for Your Home

Having well-fitted bespoke curtains and blinds, will make a big difference to your home’s finished look. They bring a touch more style to each room, they keep your energy bills down, and they’re perfect for ensuring no one can take a peek at your private family life.

At Thread & Dandy, we create ideal window covers to your exact specification. The colour, the pattern, the linings, the length and the materials are all selected by you.

To experience the benefits of window treatments for yourself in the style that works for your home, make sure to check out our full range of blinds and curtains.


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