Interior Design Trends to Uplift Your Home in Summer 2022

Summer is officially here! We’re all excited about the sunshine, warm weather, and the opportunity to entertain friends and family in our homes. Decor trends are ever-changing and updating soft furnishings is the perfect way to breathe new life into our living spaces without redecorating a whole room.

Our homes are more than just a place of shelter; they are places that should uplift us. That’s why the decor trends for summer 2022 are all about vibrance and optimism. Think sunshine yellows and 70’s retro prints, deep fuschia and exotic jewel tones. Inspiration is also taken from nature itself and a renewed interest in interior design as a place to feel safe and get away from it all. Read on to see how you might incorporate these ideas to make your home beautiful.

Sunshine and Joy

Driven by a need for optimism and joyfulness; this trend is a cohesive combination of bold art, colours, shape and materials that feed into this positive aesthetic.

A playful palette of optimistic colour lifts our spirit and screams of summer. Clean pastel shades merge into new zesty combinations, mixing in highlights of deep-sea coral, melon, pastel lilac and cameo green. Sunshine yellows are key, combine multiple yellow hues for a nod to the 70’s. Play with bold maximalist combinations that will excite and surprise when choosing fabrics for cushions and window treatments.