Interior Design Trends to Uplift Your Home in Summer 2022

Summer is officially here! We’re all excited about the sunshine, warm weather, and the opportunity to entertain friends and family in our homes. Decor trends are ever-changing and updating soft furnishings is the perfect way to breathe new life into our living spaces without redecorating a whole room.

Our homes are more than just a place of shelter; they are places that should uplift us. That’s why the decor trends for summer 2022 are all about vibrance and optimism. Think sunshine yellows and 70’s retro prints, deep fuschia and exotic jewel tones. Inspiration is also taken from nature itself and a renewed interest in interior design as a place to feel safe and get away from it all. Read on to see how you might incorporate these ideas to make your home beautiful.

Sunshine and Joy

Driven by a need for optimism and joyfulness; this trend is a cohesive combination of bold art, colours, shape and materials that feed into this positive aesthetic.

A playful palette of optimistic colour lifts our spirit and screams of summer. Clean pastel shades merge into new zesty combinations, mixing in highlights of deep-sea coral, melon, pastel lilac and cameo green. Sunshine yellows are key, combine multiple yellow hues for a nod to the 70’s. Play with bold maximalist combinations that will excite and surprise when choosing fabrics for cushions and window treatments.

Back to Nature

The habitation trend represents a more grounded pace of life and a deeper connection to the natural world blends with inventive nature-inspired design. A base of earthy neutrals merge with new coloured hues on lightweight fabrics for a breezy summer vibe. Botanical prints and florals have a watercolour element.

Textiles are focused on natural textures, materials, and sustainable fabrics. Here at Thread & Dandy, we have a collection dedicated to eco-friendly fabrics created using environmentally conscious practices or recyled materials.

Delight the Senses

Drawing from spices, fragrant aromas, intense colour, and heavily patterned textiles; the sensorial delight trend is inspired by Indian culture and celebrates the exoticism of different cultures within the home.

Inspired by the faded walls of grand palaces with rich jewel tone highlights. Warm apricot shades with vibrant pinks, soft mint and bejewelled greens. Dusted blue looks chalky in appearance, whilst amethyst purple adds depth.

For vibrant living rooms or bedrooms, adorn your furniture with bright geometric patterns, intricate embroidery, and plush textiles such as velvet.

Ethereal Glow

For summer 2022 the home is a sacred sanctuary, a place of refuge. Precious warm sunny evenings are spent cocooned in nourishing interiors, detoxing from the noise and distraction of everyday life. Light pours through open spaces, reflected in tactile surfaces and infusing rooms with an ethereal golden glow. Softness will be key for furniture shapes and velvet textiles give a luxury finish.

The light at the end of the day will inspire summer darks to come into play here. A level of softness will emerge with greyed pastels including blue, lilac and yellow. Almost black comes in the form of midnight navy and deep mystic purple. Mix and match cushions in the colour palette of this trend to add a golden hour glow to your home.

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